PLEASE read the payments steps.

Once an invoice has been generated it can be paid from the invoices list in the “Invoice” tab by clicking the Make Payment Button. Once clicked, it will display a list of all the invoices that haven’t been paid allowing the user to select which invoice wants to pay.

For the payment to be valid the user must input the amount paid and a photo/screenshot of the bank transfer made to the organizers, once the photo is uploaded an administrator will review the data sent and either approve or reject the payment; independently if the payment is rejected or accepted, the delegation will receive an email detailing the payment made and any observation made by the administrator once it’s reviewed.


*You will receive an email with the receipt pdf and invoice´s details and the autorization of the administrator if the uploaded receipt is valid.

*The first payment of any invoice must be at least for half the accommodation cost of all the participants billed.

*The date of the transaction and the invoice number must appear on photo of the bank transfer

*In case multiple invoices are paid in a unique bank transfer, all the invoice numbers must appear in the concept of the bank transfer.

A)Make payment

B)Select invoice for payment

C)Payment screen: uploading photo/bank´s transfer

(*)Discount applies only for reservation costs after full payment

(*)In the first payment the minimum is half the reservation cost plus banking transfer but if the participant has no reservation, the minimun is the cost of the banking Transfer.

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